This site was put together to give you an overview and by no means exhaustive of some attractions, sights and experiences that you can see, have and do on your visit to Hervey Bay.  I didn’t want to get complicated and introduce dining, accomodation or tour bookings as there are many sites already with these functions.  However i simply felt there was a need for a list of things to do in Hervey Bay alone, within my budget, without having to search through sites with loads of other tourist information that wasn’t relevant to me, and that’s how this site got started.

So whether you want to spend $20 or $200 and whether you are looking at moving to Hervey Bay on a seachange, visiting for a while or already live here and need some inspiration on what to do next weekend, have a look through our site and give us some good constructive feedback on how you find it and if there’s anything we’ve left out or you’d like to see here. Let us know and we will do our best to include it or fix it up!! Thanks for visiting and enjoy your visit to this small but beautiful part of Australia!

urangan pier

urangan pier at sunset